Educational Lunch Seminar

This Event is for anyone 55 years or older with investable assets of 200K or above.

For anyone that has never attended a Financial lunch seminar with Moore’s Wealth Management, this event may be for you!

Take Control of Your Retirement:

  • Three big misconceptions that your CPA, attorney and financial advisor may be missing that could be costing you thousands per year!!! Most investors are affected by at least two.
  • How to determine if your financial decisions are being made with facts, logic and process or are possibly misguided according to behavioral science.
  • Two important questions we believe you should ask right now if you own bonds or bond funds.
  • How you can potentially reduce or eliminate Social Security taxes, IRA taxation and income taxes. (Also, stop a common stealth tax you may have!)
  • The misconceptions surrounding the choice between buy and hold versus timing the market.
  • How the new tax law changes have nothing to do with all the stealth taxes that could be costing you money! If your tax return contains one of these 3 items, you will most likely pay more than your necessary share of taxes. (Learn how the new tax law changes could affect you!)

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