Moore’s Wealth Management Press Release                                                      September 1, 2020

Moore’s Wealth Management announces the expansion of services and the advancement of roles to offer a deeper commitment to clients.  The multi-generational firm continues to be guided by President – Founder, and thirty-year veteran M. Scott Moore, who will continue to have meaningful insight and input regarding the overall “client experience” and client investments.  He will be aided by Partners Chris Moore, as Chief Investment Officer, Brian Moore, as VP of Business Development, and Mark Peterson, as VP of Client Education.  Advisor Isaac Pitt will serve as Investment Analyst.

This framework, along with their staff advancement, combine their wisdom of years of experience. It will allow them to provide a deeper focus on technology and communication, while maintaining their relentless commitment to unmatched client value.

As Chief Investment Officer, Chris Moore will lead and monitor all investment activities, as well as continue to serve as a financial advisor to his clients.  This will allow the firm to strive forward with the purpose of achieving a higher level of fiduciary service to the families they serve. Isaac Pitt will serve Chris, and their clients, as an investment analyst and trader.

In addition to serving as a financial advisor and working with his clients, VP of Business Development, Brian Moore, will concentrate on helping existing and new clients benefit from all the services that Moore’s Wealth Management offers.

Moore’s Wealth Management believes communication and education are more important than ever to all investors, especially those in pre or post-retirement.  Mark Peterson’s role as VP of Client Education is designed to be a much-needed benefit for all the clients they serve, and it will certainly be welcomed by his own advisory clients.

For many investors, navigating today’s financial world is complex and intimidating.  However, Moore’s Wealth Management stands ready to help guide their clients toward peace of mind by combining the years of experience of their team, and their tradition of service.

The firm’s dedication and commitment to help in protecting and growing their clients’ assets has never wavered, and their primary goal is to treat each of their clients as family. As Founder and President M. Scott Moore has always stated, “We’re proud to be a family-owned business and believe that the values we hold dear will continue to provide solutions and unmatched service for generations to come”.

Advisory services offered through Moore’s Wealth Advisory, A Member of Advisory Services Network, LLC.  Insurance products and services offered through Moore’s Wealth Management.  Advisory Services Network, LLC and Moore’s Wealth Management are not affiliated.